City-arms and the
Civic-Guard of Semarang.

City-arms of Semarang
City-arms of Semarang

Civic-Guard in Indies, daily uniform in 1897
Civic-Guard in Indies, daily uniform in 1897.
During Java-war in 1825 drew 20 voluntary Semarangse citizens (Civic-Guard) from, to stop the rebels of Diponegoro, who going to Semarang. In the clashes which followed there be killed 12 man, 8 men returned to Semarang.

DiponegoroDiponegoro, leader in Java-war.

As a consequence became at decision (no.20) of Commissary-General of Dutch-IndiŽ 'Leonard the PJ du bus Gisignies' on 29 May 1827 decided that for "de multiple and good services, by the Civic-Guard and the volunteers of Semarang, during the existing riots, including those on last in 1825, service" proved; the city was permitted to bear a City-arms.Commissary-General - Leonard PJ du Bus de Gisignies (1780-1849)
Leonard PJ du Bus de Gisignies (1780-1849)

City-arms of Semarang
City-arms of Semarang
The City-arms exists from:

  • Azure field containing in the middle and crowned on the forefront a Virgin (of silver), the head with oak and Lauren
  • Resting with the right hand on the head of behind its located Lion (of gold).
  • With in its right foreleg holding nineteen arrows.
  • The left hand resting on an Anchor with below the word: "Semarang". .
  • The field has been crowned with a crown of five citadels", (the citadel "Samarang", later became the this citadel 'Prins van Oranje").

Secondly, to the Civic-Guard a Standard, on which the weapon of "King Willem I (1772-1843)", it was granted; and on the other side the City-arms of Semarang, fastened on to a stick with golden Tassel and a Halberd on the top.

(Halberd: this weapon is a staff (maximum 160 cm) with a type axe head and a point. To the back of the head is frequently a hook to draw riders of the horse.)

Standard of the Civic-Guard

Standard of the Civic-Guard

Thirdly it was stipulated, that to the volunteers remained of September 1825, if a proof of satisfaction concerning if by them manful behaviour then shown was distributed, a Medal.

With on the one side: the City-arms of Semarang, with the words: "Senatus Populusqwe Semarangensis".

On the other side: in access, the name and the first name of the volunteers, with in the middle, the words: "Vrijwilligers, Gedong, Demak, September 1825".
Also it was stipulated that the medal to a yellow and sky-blue ribbon had be carried..

Source: Algemeen Indisch Dagblad 24/25 Nov. 1940

Semarang Coat of Arms present-day
Semarang Coat of Arms present-day