Camp Bangkong at Semarang


Name of persons died after 23 aug. 1945

Camp nr.: Name: Born:Deceased: Age:Grave nr:

29196Bertsch, V.07-10-188328-08-194561Onbekend

(in C.B.Z.)

29134Bruijn, A.Ph. de22-12-192209-09-194522Y 705
11207Bruijn, E.G. de29-06-193205-05-194513Onbekend

(in CB.Z.)

29022Colenbrander, J.G.31-08-189728-08-194547Z 523
28972Droste, A.12-04-187924-08-1945 66Z 194
28658Dugteren. A.M. van18-05-189310-09-194552Y 807
29073Hoetjer, P.W.27-06-190727-08-1945 38Onbekend
28824Hoor, J. ten04-06-189107-09-194554Onbekend
28958Karemaker, J.F.17-12-186902-09-194575Onbekend
21834Nolthenius, W.E.G.15-10-188406-09-194560Onbekend
28961Nouhuijs, S. van22-09-187426-08-194570Z 223
28898Patist, H.A.28-04-187012-09-194575Onbekend
28845Stassinet, B.J.07-11-1S9311-09-194551Onbekend
28699Steur, j. van der (Pa)10-07-186516-09-194580Onbekend
28748Tollens, H.18-11-188906-09-194555Onbekend
29160Zweerts, E.21-05-190614-09-194539Onbekend

The list were composed by Sister M.M. Somers in Sept. 1945, by means of the data from the camp office in Bankong.
The list has been checked at the Oorlogsgravenstichting at 's-Gravenhagen, Netherlands

The grave numbers mentioned in the last column, are related to the cemetery Kobong at Semarang.
These do not refer therefore to the military cemetery Kalibanteng.

This page is a part of the Semarang Photo Archives.
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