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The Semarang Photo Archives tries to keep for the posterity, photographs, film, sound and documents of the past of Dutch East Indies.

To continue this website, for everyone that is interested in the history of the Dutch East Indies, the webmaster need your donations.

Without donations, the Semarang Photo Archives, it is no longer possible to continue.

We sincerely hope that you will become a donator so that you, your children and grandchildren, by Internet, can see how the Indonesians, Indo's and Dutchmen lived in the Dutch Indies.

With your donation it is possible to do:
  • Fund the hosting of the website (175 euro a year).
  • We want to use webReader Premium for all the stories and texts in the Semarang Photo Archives. We are now using the free version.
  • Buy unique photographs, documents, films and sound fragments.
  • Visiting of archives for investigation and publications on the website.
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