Wayang Topeng (wood mask) - Petruk, Semarang, +/- 1900

This wayang Topeng (wooden mask) is from Semarang. Just as in Wayang Kulit plays, the character depicted, Petruk, is one of the classic characters in Topeng dance in Java. Petruk is a tall man with a very long nose. He's the son of Semar. He, along with his brothers, served the royalty (Punakawan) of the kingdom of Amarta. He's a very kind, gentle and funny man. He's also very good at diplomacy.

The size is 22 cm long (8.7 inches)
15 cm wide (5.9 inches).
23 cm deep (9.1 inches).
The weight about is 1.5 kg (3.3 pound).

Sell by a collector " wahdaniyat" of Yogyakarta, Indonesia on internet (2004): US $65.00