Wayang Topeng (wood mask) - Semar, +/- 1900

This wayang Topeng (wooden mask) is from Semarang and is from a set of Punakawan that he has purchased. Just as in Wayang Kulit plays, the character depicted, Semar, is one of the classic characters in Topeng dance in Java. Semar is the oldest and most important of the punakawan. He was originally a god and is the elder brother of the highest god, Batara Guru. As a punishment for a misdeed he was given a grotesque form and sent to earth to serve the descendants of the gods (ksatrias).

The size is 22 cm long (8.7 inches)
16 cm wide (6.3 inches)
12 cm deep (4.7 inches)
The weight about is 1.3 kg (2.9 pounds)

Sell by a collector "Wahdaniyat" of Yogyakarta, Indonesia on Internet (2004): US $65.00