Wayang Topeng (wood mask) - Gareng, +/- 1900

This wayang Topeng (wooden mask) is from Semarang and is from a set of Punakawan that he purchased. Just as in Wayang Kulit plays, the character depicted, Gareng, is one of the classic characters in Topeng dance in Java. His full name is Nala Gareng. Nala stands for heart and Gareng stands for dry - "dry heart". This is why he cannot talk too much. And also that whenever he does talk he's always misunderstood. He's the first son of Semar (Petruk is the second son). He has misshapen arms and crossed eyes and is lame. He along with his father and brothers is a Pendawa servant (or Punakawan) in the wayang performances to the courts.

The size is 22 cm long (8.7 inches)
17 cm wide (6.7 inches)
16 cm deep (6.3 inches)
The weight about is 1.3 kg (2.9 pounds)

Sell by a collector "Wahdaniyat" of Yogyakarta, Indonesia on Internet (2004): US $65.00