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The online Indonesian Radio, Television Stations, Webcams and News Toolbar for your webbrowser.

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Indonesia Radio - TV and News Toolbar

What does the Indonesia Radio, Television, Webcam and News Toolbar let me do?
  • Instant access to our website (Semarang Photo Archives)

  • Search with Google on Internet

  • Direct listen to online 53 Indonesia Internet Radio Stations* in the Radio Player
    +You can also add your own radio stations to the list of radio stations.

    TIP: Internet Radio stations have mostly a maximum of allowed listeners. Also some stations going offline in the night (local time). Try later if you get no connection.

  • Direct look to 9 Indonesia Television Stations
    + Aljazeera - English

  • 14 Webcams from Indonesia:

  • Read the last News about Indonesia

  • Read 35 Newspapers from Indonesia

  • Instant access to your Google Gmail

  • Free to use Dictionary Dutch-Indonesian / Indonesian-Dutch

  • Learning Indonesian Online - with text and sound, all free

  • Jamu. All about Indonesian plants, herbs, fruit and how to use them for medical applications

  • Play online Mahjong

  • Play online Puzzles and Dakon (Conglak)

Download the Toolbar:

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Includes Uninstaller

System Requirements Microsoft Windows:
2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7
Mac and Linux
    More Toolbar Options:

  • In the Radio Player you be able to add your self more Radio Stations.

    Look here for more Toolbar Options
    Look here for more Toolbar Options

  • E-mail Notifier

  • Weather Forecaster

  • You can choose to include useful components in the toolbar, for example:
    Microsoft Office Word, Outlook, NotePad etc etc.

  • Includes cookie cleaner, history cleaner, and cache cleaner

  • You can select components show or hide.

    Download Real Alternative untuk mendengarkan beberapa Stasiun Radio TIP: Download Real Alternative to listen to some radio stations.
<h1>The Indonesian Radio + TV Stations, Webcams and News Toolbar for your webbrowser.</h1> <h1>Radio:</h1> Bugis Radio<br>CVC<br>Cosmopolitan FM - Jakarta<br>DJ FM 94.8 -- Surabaya<br>Djwirya<br>El-See - Tasikmalaya<br>Gajahmada FM -- Semarang<br>Gita -- Bali<br>Global FM 90.90 Mhz -- Surabaya<br>Harbos -- Pati<br>IndoHitz<br>IndoSound<br>I radio - Jakarta<br>JJFM - Surabaya <br>Kaskus Radio<br>Kosmonita - Surabaya<br>Madu FM Hadhramaut Yaman<br>Mercury - Surabaya<br>Mig33Jak<br>MyRadio FM -- Surabaya<br>Mustang FM - Jakarta<br>Nafiri 107.1 FM -- Surabaya<br>Pronews - Padang<br>Rhadio A 96.7 FM -- Jakarta<br>Rodja - Cileungsi Bogor<br>Siaran Radio Popjawa<br>Sonora - Jakarta<br>Suara Surabaya FM 100 -- Surabaya<br>Swara Unib - Benkulul<br>Van Oost Naar De Oost<br>Denger in music<br>Gitabali - Bali<br>Heartbeatstation<br><br>IMC Broadcasting<br>Keilove - Tasikmalaya Jawa Barat<br>Lita FM - Bandung<br>Matrix FM - Jakarta<br>Netters - Bali<br>Rajawali Radio - Bandung<br>Spira FM Pangkep - Makassar<br>Suka-Suka<br>Bromo FM 88.3 - Probolinggo<br>Spin Radio - Jakarta<br>The Friendly One Radio - Jakarta<br>Tropical Transit (Jazz) - Bali<br>Paradise FM - Bali <h1>TV:</h1> Liputan-6 morning news<br>Liputan-6 12 a clock news<br>Liputan-6 afternoon news<br>Liputan-6 evening news<br>Liputang 6 Jatim / General<br>TV Majalah VOA “Dunia Kita”<br>Laporan VOA Metro TV<br> <h1>Webcam:</h1> Semarang - Simpang Lima<br>Semarang - Jalan Kaligawe<br>Semarang - Jalan Pahlawan<br>Semarang - Raya Ungaran<br>Semarang - T.L. Setiabudi Srondol (Ujung Tol)<br>Semarang - Gor Jatidiri (Kawasan Tol)<br>Semarang - Tol Gayamsari<br>Semarang - Jembatan Tol Kaligawe<br>Yogyakarta (Djokjakarta / Jogjakarta) - Malioboro 1<br>Yogyakarta (Djokjakarta / Jogjakarta) - Malioboro 2<br>Solo (Surakarta) - Pertigaan Kartosuro (Kartasura)<br>Solo (Surakarta) - Terminal Tirtonadi<br>Solo (Surakarta) - Telkom Gladak<br>Prambanan (Candi)<br> <h1>Newspaper / Kranten:</h1> Antara News [In English]<br>Jakarta Globe [In English]<br>The Jakarta Post [In English]<br>Inside Indonesia [In English]<br>SuratkabarCom Online [In English]<br>Tempo Interactive [In English]<br>Berita Jawa Timur (Surabaya)<br> Bali Post<br> Batam Post (Pulau Batam)<br> Bisnis Indonesia<br>Detikcom<br>Fajar Online (Makassar, South Sulawesi)<br> Gatra<br> Indonesia Post<br> Indo Pos (Jakarta)<br> Harian Jogja<br>Jawa Pos Daily News (Surabaya)<br>Kedaulatan Rakyat (Yogyakarta)<br> Komentar (Manado)<br> Kompas<br>Kristiani Pos (Jakarta)<br> Media Indonesia<br>Koran Manado (North Sulawesi)<br> Pikiran Rakyat Daily News (Bandung, West Java)<br> Okezone<br>Poskota<br>Phe Cyber News (North Sumatra)<br>Radar Semarang<br>Republika<br>Serambi (Naggroe, Aceh, Darusalam)<br>Suara Merdeka<br>Suara Merdeka Semarang<br>Suara Pembaruan<br> Surya Online<br>Waspada Daily (Medan North Sumatra)<br>