Semarang International, family & garden Restaurant


The webmaster of the "Semarang Photo Archives" think that the
"Semarang International, family & garden Restaurant"
is one of the best of Semarang - Indonesia.

Left - webmaster / Right - owner of the restaurant

Left - webmaster / Right - owner of the restaurant

Not only the food is excellent, but also the service and not to forget the owner:
"Jongkie Tio".

He can speak Dutch, English and Indonesian and is also a well-known historian and writer of the Semarang history. Well-known on TV, Radio and Newspaper. He can speak for hours about the Semarang History.

A special day is the Thursday evening (every week), on that day there is playing a Krontjong band.

With other words, a very special restaurant with interesting people.

Krontjong band, with in the back the garden

Krontjong band, with in the back the garden

The food is excellent and for a very good (Indonesian) price.

They serving a wide range of menu:
Indonesian, European, Chinese, International Cuisine & Seafood.

Buffets - Table d'Hote & ala Carte Menu from snack to complete meals. Ice Cream - Indonesian Traditional drinks fruit & vegetable juice

You can always ask the owner to compose a nice combination of differen food and let you surprise of the excellent food combinations.

The restaurant inside

  • For Parties - Family Gartherings - Weddings
    Cocktail parties - Birtdays - Meetings

  • Product Launching - Outside Cathering

  • Open Air Garden - Full A.C. - VIP Rooms

  • Art & Souvenir Shop - News Stand - Easy Parking

You can fint the "Semarang International, Family & Garden Restaurant" on:
JL. Gajah Mada 125 (100 meter of Simpang Lima)

Phone: 024 - 831 014 0
Fax: 024 - 844 401 0

Semarang 50241 - Central Java

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