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The Semarang Photo Archives

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Stichting Indisch Familie Archief

(Foundation Dutch East Indies Family Archive)

Are you in search of your Roots in former Dutch East Indies.
The Foundation Dutch East Indies Family Archive can help you.

The foundation is an information supply centre in genealogical,
biographical and iconographical area concerning Europeans and with
equally in former Dutch East Indies at of their descendants.

S.I.F.A. has:
  • +/- 13.700 files on name.
  • Data of registrar's office, as in the government almanacs published in the former Dutch East Indies (1823-1922)
  • Address books (1903- 1910 1920- 1930- 1938- 1941)
  • Various extracts of registers of K.N.I.L. military and registrars.
  • Family books, Genealogy, Photo albums
  • Books of Coat of arms (family coat of arms and city-arms)
  • Images, Photoss, Cards
  • Source publications of the I.G.V. De Indische Navorscher
  • Death advertisements, documents
  • Etc etc etc
For more information and contact: