I see myself yet sit on one of the high banks in the billiards hall, where my father on sunday mornings sums a party made with the old gentleman Zachs from the cities theater. With interest, I followed the breezily away again slide from the keu for the push the slippery ivory clench their for me capricious way did roles. The long Bodjongweg ended by associations bridge over the kali over the bridge began the gentlemen street. For me formed that bridge highlyest interesting observation point. Over the iron back hanging saw of the Look out right often blue flag fly. That was the signal that the reason was unsafe because of a westmoessonstormpje and the take on board it could not load and discharge and through had to sail to Soerabaia or Tandjoeng Priok. In the vuilbruine channel water avenues mostly the most remarkable things, dead person dogs or chain with ghastly swollen body, empty bottle, baskets piece scheepshout, crates and onnoembare fatnesses. Dikke bellies had the prauwen of the Semarang Prauwenveer in which the goods transported became. Crates and bales, barrel, krandjanges. And smelly goenizakken, full mysterious letters and signs. Quite in the distance saw you the high witte lighthouse and found you there the harbor office that the inexplicable name, tree" led. You could there the clumsy laadprauwen creaky and supporting and quite slow past see go on away to the far in sea anchored ships. You turning to the other side of the bridge you saw the enormous Large house, in which different authorities offices house were. Beside it, on a corner of the aloon-aloon, the much smaller post office.

Over the bridge which the gentlemen street began, lay on the left corner the association, to which the bridge named was. You found of it the bookstore of G. C. T. from Town & Assistant, where you often have look at the cupboards full Aimards, Coopers, Captain, Marryats, Karl Mays, Paul d' Ivois, delightful books Then. Andto never to forget the blue ties of the Jules Vernes! Further down the parade square with the from 1794 dating Protestant church with its koepeldak and tower. There opposite the restaurant high skin, more glorious memory! Just furtherer lay the pleasant hotel Jansen a deeply in the voorerf ago floors building, with link and straight two zijvleugels with also a row rooms above. Vr the hotel, straight at the street, was found of a half-round terrace on which entertained off and closed a music body the guests on grandioze fantares. When we flatten for the war with Japan our last one car trip over Java made, wanted the coincidence that we there our visit at Semarang in the same room leer which we thirty year ago only months lived had. Sitting in the furrow galleries for at the street where once my mothers tea table had stood could it not otherwise or talloze memories at that days stormed on me off. Yet always reason the carriages with coming and leaving guests off and on. The street image was completely unchanged remained. Straight opposite us stood yet the gate with the year 1775, entry giving till the old men house that year founded till stay of old pointed soldier through the widow of an angels officer. As children had we little attention at the gate served, but they will certainly our interest worked, when we conscience had that above in the same gate the material remains rested from the schenkster, that thus apparently at the present the condition connected had that once to rest to become gelegd.

As children had we little attention at the gate served, but they will certainly our interest worked, when we conscience had that above in the same gate the material remains rested from the schenkster, that thus apparently at the present the condition connected had that once to rest to become gelegd. Possible was the hair wish been in the immediate vicinity of the old krijgslieden, whose attracted had fate they self to rest. Much of the old, we found yet unchanged. That the Sunday was pale the fence of the Karangbidaraschool, in which I once fixed not the most diligent and gezeglijkste pupil had been closed. I wanted however yet once over the playground walk where we previously spin, hare-over and warrior had played and examine or the brass crane at the other side, at which I as often my thirst had satisfied, it yet would be. I climbed thus over the wall and found that everything back as I it had known. Even the water from the crane tasted yet even cool as in olden times. Sitting down on the gallery, that round the building walked away came over the threshold of my subconscious, of which they as long hidden had been remained, the names and figures prevent to above of the pals then. I meet again she spin and playing marbles on the playground: August Meulemans, Teteng O' Herne, nice Paul Pebble. The boys Wane Siauw Touch with lips from the bierhal, dikke French The Sin Tjo that was there us, in the expense". I saw the teachers getween or three away and again over the gallery walked, it just worthy as bearded school head clean courts, of Heuven, that to lead the zaterdagse zangles with so much enthousiasm know, of Veghel with its hidalgosikje, my own father and teacher Neeltje Hearts.

Was just it or I the schoolbel again wanted to jingle that us to in mentioned. We sought the houses where I child had been. Single of it found we back as I wanted to leave they. But a feeling of large disappointment came over me then we over the long dusty away at the same time the many Chinese toko' tjes and waronkjes to Djombalang riding, it right witness of had to be that the rails of the trammetje that us once daily away from there stadwaarts drove, were broken up and the wooden dwarsliggers in nette pile up at the wegkant were deposited. I see it yet stand under the berookt sink roof of the station net, patient wait on its fixed passengers. On clean courts that in its tent vehicle from the Kenarilaan on Tjandi to below came roles. On Mr. Dr. Helmsman, our history teacher-we never named him differently than Zeus- that trot came mostly tough to horse down. On Henri Borel, that was civil servant for Chinese affairs. I see him with its knijpbrilletje under the panamahoed quietly with book or paper in its corner sit. Of its authorship knew we yet nothing; firstly much later on will I enjoy its books over China. Wu Meadow, the day in East, Wisdom and beauty from we clean boys crawled the joys with each other in an empty carriage net where we undisturbed racket could kick. Sums verwaalde there by a car-stop a girl in us privately-carriage that self descry in whose loud company they was been found, mostly somewhat nuffig in a corner withdrew. Then invariably by us to be entertained on the known liefdje:

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