Djangan mandi kali Persapen
Kali Persapen lintah-tah-nya
Djangan kawin noni Persapen
Nona Persapen banjak tingkahnya


Ajoen ajoen ajoen in die hoge klapperboom
Ajoen ajoen mas Mira
Djangan main gila (2x)

Djangan mandi Kali Semarang
Kali Semarang banjak oe-toe-dangnya
Djangan kawin noni Semarang
Nona Semarang banjak oetangnya


Djangan mandi Kali Krembangan
Kali Krembangan banjak batoe-toe-nya
Djangan kawin noni Krembangan
Nona Krembangan banyak koetoenya


Don't go to bathe in the river of Persapen
In the river of Persapen are many leeches
Don't married a girl of Persapen
De girls of Persapen are quite very long


swing, swing in that high coco-nut tree
swing, swing, Mira
Make no craziness

Don't go to bathe in the river Semarang
In the river of Semarang sit many shrimps
Don't married a girl of Semarang
De girls of Semarang are very difficult.


Don't go to bathe in the river of Krembangan
In the river of Krembangan lie many stones
Don't married a girl of Krembangan
De girls of Krembangan have many vlooien

With which only said want become that it just foolish was in the Semarang-river to bathe because of the many shrimps, if to marry a Semarang girl that quite difficult can be..

The houses in which we normally had at the end of Djomblang where the way the hill country begins to climb, and at the side-road Meritjan recognize we immediate, already became they a thirty years older. And Meritjan climbed the Chinese dig yet always the hill on that from on Course Schmalz, if in the days that we it our kites launched. A kind impression made that Chinese cemetaries, that concerned sums, where it the rich families, beautiful entrances had often were the graves, that had mostly the form of an uterus, covers with their zinc roof and surround through bomb and sierstruiken. As if the surviving relatives the their pleased died off as pleasant possible wanted to make. As child experienced you never the horror that European cemetaries in you aroused. Walking through the Chinese Camp we found also from this much back summon. We enjoyments prevent of the pleasant eve bustle, of the toko' tjes with the with red and golden letter sign painted signs. Just as previously sat Chinese fathers with bare upper body, their youngest sprout on the kneen to enjoy the evening cool on the threshold the of their houses. From the eethuidjes naps the same smell as in the days that we feasted there by Oewa on the many magnificences from the Chinese dapoer.

No single cities neighborhood made such pleasant impression as these Semarang Chinese quarter that Pekodjan was named. Then was there the fairy-tales garden of the very rich Oops Tjong Ham. You erred there along the with stridently strewed paths between skillfully imitated rock parties, on which stood fur color miniatuurpagoden and furious king climbers, hunting on flee deer. There are ponds in which pink and lotussen avenues and goldfish shining away and again shot. In its shack walked wide leg a large casuaris around the small watchful eyes fierce leer in the small cup on the long neck. Behind Djomblangs began the desa and also these world that me as as trusted was, wanted I see again. And it was there as then. The same bamboo houses with the brown atappen roofs, the ompaggerde properties. The bamboo rustled just melodious in their hooggehangen cages yet always the perkoetoets, the grey luck pigeons, old vrouwentjes handled the wooden stamper by the rice block, small children with just round bellies as former played with a tame badijng. The men that on their properties were busy could the katjongs have been been with whose I long ago with an old tennisballetjes or a hard djeroek bali played football had on a lawn between the grazing karbouwen. Whose I for single brass pennies a tame klapperrot, to glatiks and koetilans had bought. And under the pantjoeran stood yet always children to tandakken under the dikke jet of water that on their naked brown bodies exploded. I could the temptation resist that my former kanjo' in a file tree to let climb yet once can enjoy the young file milk, the most delightful drink in the world?

When you, in the days of my Semarangse youth from the covering of an on the reason lying ship a look over the city threw, saw against the background of the always green, more than 2000 meters high Oengaran and the for that lying Semarang heuvellend from the city little more than it above the green excellent koepeldak of the Protestant church and the Large House by the association bridge. How otherwise will this view become after in the heuvelterein little less than a new city was arose. They that there, high above the warm kotta in modern villas have may live may with large gratitude the three men remember that with large energy these new cities part till position have help come. It were the known pharmacist Tillema, the physician Dr the Bird and the first Semarang citizen father b sc. The Jongh, while also for the purchase of basic laws of the native population and the do move of the Chinese dig the very rich gentleman Warnecke at that time manager of Erdmann and Sielcken before large financial offerings has comforted. To above riding over the beautiful broad roads that to that Nieuwe- Tjandi led, where we previously only rough bushes and tree groups had had known, could known, could we the in spite of of the Semarangers on these delightfully situated hill city, complete understand. How delightfully it was that to be able to live in comparison with the former stay in the warm benedenstad, well, how will we these better can reproduce than with the words of a now yet in live zijnde old lady, that as well as child than later mayors woman the city has learn know and love.

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