Ever, as writes she, that differs behind the initial B.P. :,, There must much happen sooner one the Tjandinees to under entices from its dolce far niente, on maanovergoten terrace, in lovely evening cool and rest. No wonder that Semarang as for outbound city the foreigner not chain can…only let him firstly once ride through the hill grounds along that kind parks with blossoming bushes, along that winding weigh fully surprising natuurschoon from sea store, villa building and garden construction, and he hits shortly under the charm of though that clean, him with so much rightful in spite of shown; he will Tjandi not shortly forget. That mountains, that hills, that blue wide seas, they enchant shaved each. And there under at the Semarangs coastline motions the lighthouse…'' In the early morning in the fresh cool of the mountain wind enjoyments we of our fragrant morning coffee on the flat for the beautiful house of our hostess. The rain of the previous night had already the matter from the airy plants. Deeply under us, we saw the old city lie roofs with her witte buildings and red. Surfacing from the green the solid witte cram from the Large House, and the round dome vande Protestanse church on the parade square and the high zinc roof of the missigit. Over the city away glittered the Javazee in the shrill lightly and in the yet hazy distance bent the coastline self round the peninsula Japara above which risen the goenoeng Moeria. In the south the blue green mountain country of in the middle of-java; tangible near haste in the clear air the Oegaran, with to east of that the Merbaboemassief and far in the west the mountain giants Soembing and Sindoro.

Our hostess painted us how indescribably well here the sunsets were as the dark bergmassa's self outlined against the purple air and the sea each time changes of live off tints. The Semarang of that days was not fixed a kotta where a placement or transfer always with cheering greeted became. Unless possibly through them that long time on a solitary country house post or lose courtyards had lived. The feared malaria not yet had been controlled and demanded many offerings. Compared by Batavia and Soerabaia was the sociabilities and cultural live it of little meaning. It remained limits till soosvezoek with off and closed a danszvondje, the cities garden, a single performance in the cities theater and the annual races with adjoining roulette and ball. The appearance of the circus Harmston or a kemedie stem business on the aloon-aloon became with joy greeted. Firstly later, when in imitation of Batavia also to Semarang an art circle was set up, came there quite more cultural interest by the arrange of exhibitions and the attract of musicians and foreign theatre companies. One now wanted to enjoy artists of world name as Godowski, Zimbalist, Iturbi, Heifetz and other and also Dutch artists as Gerard Hekking, Zalsman, Charlotte Kohler and national theatre companies and the lecture artists became with joy greeted.

The city self had for foreigners little attractive. Might Batavia self boast on the many that yet had been kept remained from the days of the V.O.C., the old cities banks with the indestructible warehouses where yet a trace hung of the smell of the spices that it once lay raised, the city hall with the lively bell tower, the Portuguese country house church, the tough Amsterdam gate and especially the old to Dutch style built house from the Companiestijd, of such antiquitiesSemarang as good as nothing to find. For the tourism was the kotta then also of no meaning. Only really, when you as impregnating foreigner hospitable and the soos you had been introduced was in company of Semarangers rather nothing less vleiends over their kotta at you lips let escape. How little hunstad for strangely, turn at more life and digested, at might attractive have, just as the Dutch Provincial the preference gave at the pleasant rest of its dozing city, where the life zonderveel excitement and shocking events voortkabbelde, went the theirs 's from to the calm consist in their own Semarang. Most likely will your kind host its displeasure over you awkward slip or the tongue behind a smile hidden have and, hospitable as he was, you invited for a ride in its Fordje or Buickje you somewhat more something more to let see than the Bodjong and the gentlemen street.

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