Might your visit place found before in the cool hill country the residential area Newly-Tjandi arose was on which are will every Semaranger in spite of, than he will you over the Karangtoerie with the many Chinese and native tokotje's and pleasant-busy traffic to Djomblang rode, where the old stoomtrammetje its beginning and end point found and the way begins on to old-Tjandi to climb, where at the beautiful Kenarielaan theMore well-to-do. Behind the soos, he will your look have let throw over its city and the reason with the that anchored ships. Perhaps will you the seen have as Rini Carpentier Alting the bescheef in her beautiful book Verdroomd seizoen:…,, The landscape wazigde heuvelig in the distance, always lower and lower. The colors blur till a foggy blue from whose the roofs of the benedenstad pricked and yet furtherer way no clear separation formed with the sea, that it always was. Sums green, sums gray blue, later on on the day mostly vague. Up there and to the horizon closed avenue powerful clouds…'' There my last visit at Semarang, short for the invasion had I the luck in the lobby from hotel Du Pavilion an ancient Semaranger at to hit that me under the enjoyment of single pearling whisky-soda' s with obvious plezier single interesting communications over the city where he did born and harnessed was. Or I the history knew of dab former, about 1795 by the governor Nicolaas Hartingh built residents house, that I yet known had to have that dab firstly in 1908 because of bouwvalligheid had been broken.

Now that, that gentleman Hartingh then, whose annual enter not so much through its salary, but because of its share in the profit on the trade in edible bird nests and other emolumenten and quiet profits" well on a half million wanted to become geschat owned thus well the means be pajeisje brilliant in to direct. Later on became the furrow a soft price taken over through the thundering marshal Daendels to serve till logeergelegenheid for the governor and consequence, when he self on in the middle of-Java beyond. By such occasions must there then also proper gefuifd have been told the old gentleman.

As also by a visit in 1793 of the commissioner-general Nederburgh, there which occasion along the with erepoorten decorated Bodjongweg a whole procession of civil servants, officers and notable self to the governors house failed, where of the evenings a gala-have supper were served. The garden was there that occasion beautiful geïllumineerd and until raising of the celebration joy became there a brilliant fire works let off and even an air balloon launched. And until dagbegin must tout Semarang obediently cheerful have been been. It must in that days off and closed a cheerful business have been been continued the old gentleman after a strong gulp from a fresh splitje. As danced on a later hold festijn two elders of the municipality tesamen a pluggedansie, known under the name of The haagsch officiertjen, by which the near it present preacher enthousiastic in the hands clapped, mindful at Salomo's proverb,, that about it a time was of joy on to jump".

At a visit of envoys of the Soesoehoenan of Solo and the sultan of Djocja became again a resounding festijn organized that ondermeer were graced through the graceful evolutions on the weak cord through a from Batavia geiingageerde arts maker, a certain Mr. Baptiste. By which one wanted to see and learn how in the East its balance to keep. If last byzonderheid from the history of Nederburghs creation told my of the histoire intime of old-Semarang apparently good on the height zijnde old friend yet how during the English tussenbestuur also the lieutenant-governor Sir Stamford Raffles with its first gemalin Olivia Marianne in Semarang stayed and the old building the theatre was of resounding festivities. Until the rays of the rising sun dab lightly of the candles on the feestdis and that of the 620.000 in the garden hung lampions darken and the dance and eetlustige guests self somewhat weak on the bones homeward failed. The walls of the historical building, between which once the celebration joy had opgeklonken had been demolished. On the spot which they had stood arose later dab head office from the NICHE., the Julianaziekenhuis and ankle villas. And. .. A music tent. Only my narrator that apparently on its talk chair drunkenly. was yet long not uitgebabbeld. Was delightfully its story from the days that with the opium smuggling large kapitaals were earned, although the fact that the customs everything in the work put at these for the government sore disadvantageous straight trade an end to make.

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